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Founderpath, a perfect place for founders


A full design and development for a platform providing a quick fix in gaining capital for start-up founders without giving up their precious shares.

Founderpath is a place where bootstrapped SaaS founders get capital.


In the surge of venture-capital start-ups, Founderpath thrived in the business of bootstrapping, aiding founders to raise capital without surrendering shares. Within two years, Founderpath raised an impressive $161 million.

Scope of work:
Branding, Product design, Development

Bootstrapping demands ingenuity. Similarly, Founderpath required design excellence and flawless programming. Being a service for SaaS founders, every aspect needed perfect execution. The branding considered not only digital but also offline activities like events and flyers.


The logo combines contrasting shapes in a box, reminiscent of growth and success. The square roof over a large dot subtly suggests an upwards arrow. Two color schemes enhance this impression.

Brand palette

The brand's colors aimed to convey calmness, trust, and professionalism. We chose blues, linked with intelligence and wisdom, and complemented them with grays for reliability.


Each branding element instilled a sense of stable tranquility. Given Founderpath's large-scale events, the brand's elements needed real-life application. The flexible logotype design adapts to different color backgrounds, and the square icon works well on social media channels.


Founderpath’s website features an intuitive sidebar menu, clear sections, and a search function. Its extensive use of interactive features like charts and tables allows meaningful data exploration, maintaining visual appeal.


The app, an extension of the desktop version, delivers the website's information in a sleek, intuitive, and efficient package.

Design System

Our design system assures design consistency across all Founderpath's digital products. It defines typography, color palette, icons, and imagery, facilitating further brand asset creation.


The design system includes reusable components, such as buttons, forms, and navigation elements. These components can be used across different parts of the product, saving time and effort in the design and development process.


The design system provides guidelines for how to use the core elements, as well as guidance on layout, spacing, and other design considerations. These guidelines help to ensure consistency and coherence across different parts of the product.


Initially, we focused on brand creation, involving extensive field research. This led to the design phase where we agreed on the logo, typography, and key visuals. Subsequently, we designed the website and app's user interface and collaborated on ongoing marketing.

Brand Designer
Mateusz Urbańczyk
UX Designer
Maciej Kalaska
Product Management
Krystian Słowiński
10 days

This phase is crucial as it helps to establish a clear understanding of the project's objectives and success metrics, ensuring that the team is aligned and working towards a shared vision.

Brand Design
20 days

Getting to the meat of it, this stage was where the visual aspects of the app were developed, such as its color scheme, typography, and user interface. With this stage completed, the product already had a strong visual identity that is consistent with the brand, a user-friendly interface that aligns with the app's purpose and target audience, and a design system that ensures consistency and scalability.

Product design and development
12 months and counting

The final stage has been where the visual identity of the app is refined and we were ready to design and code single components of the app.

Front-end Development

The entire software coding was on Widelab’s side. Everything that is visible as a clickable app is the result of the work of Widelab developers.

Goals, KPIs, Scoping
Brand Design
UI Design (Ongoing)
Design System
Software Development (Ongoing)
gathered in Series A
of people on Founderpath events
SaaS founders choose capital from Founderpath

“What I look for in a great design agency: They always give multiple options. They move quick. They always give you the raw files so you can use in the future. Widelab does it all. Excited to be working with them.”

Nathan Latka

Founder of Founderpath

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