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Trolley, internet economy payouts

A purple sign that says Upgrade your payments workflow with Trolley.A purple poster with a bicycle on it.

A full-on rebranding and platform design to complete the overhaul of Canada’s payouts pioneer.

Trolley simplifies global fund transfers to sellers, freelancers, and service providers.

A purple screen with a chart of a stock.A website with a purple background and a menu of options.


In response to the pandemic's impact on work processes, we were commissioned to fully rebrand Canada’s pioneering payouts process provider, aiming to launch it into the borderless online market.

Scope of work:
UI/UX, Branding, Marketing

The challenge

Revamping Payment Rails, a popular product with a large user base, posed challenges. The evolving post-pandemic global economy required streamlining payout processes. Hence, we rebranded it as Trolley, balancing familiarity and novelty while improving intuitiveness. Consistency in design and scalability were prioritized within the new design system.

A purple phone with a blue T on it.A website page that is about Sharp Sans Proxima Nova.A phone screen with the word "Trolley" on it.A letterhead with a blue border and a signature.
A purple background with a white logo that says "Trolley Brand Guidelines".A purple screen with a lot of numbers and graphs on it.A book with a colorful page that says brand palette.A purple and white sign that says Trolley.
A collection of images and text about the brand Trolley.


Our primary logo blends the custom Trolley wordmark with the underscore brandmark, symbolizing a platform moving things from point A to B. Clear space surrounds the logo to maximize presence, with the recommended clearance equalling the height of the letter 'e'.

A phone screen with a purple app called Trolley.A purple background with a white and blue logo that says Trolley Brand Guidelines.A purple cell phone with a blue T on it.A white page with the word "trolley" written in black.
A purple and white sign that says Trolley.A book is open to a page with a colorful chart of colors.A purple screen with a lot of numbers on it.A white background with black text that says "We use two typersfaces. Sharp Sans for headings and Proxima Nova for body copy.".
A collection of brand guidelines for a company called Trolley.

Brand palette

Consistent color use is vital across all applications. The primary brand colors 'Trolley Purple' and 'Trolley Blue' ensure consistency across all communication channels.

A letter from the company Trolley.A letter from the company Trolley.
A purple and white business card for Tim Nixon.A business card for Tim Nixon.


The Trolley team tasked us with creating a new logo and visual identity to stand out in a crowded marketplace. After deep research into their background, target group, and competitors, we crafted a unique logo and color palette reflecting Trolley's core brand values. We also created brand guidelines for color mixing, typography, photography, visual elements, and logo use, ensuring a consistent brand impression.

A purple website with a sign up button that says work globally, pay locally.A purple website with a logo that says "Trolley".


Our website design aimed to increase conversion rate and transparently highlight the app's features. We showcased actual case studies for product relatability and created over 20 unique sites for both desktop and mobile, featuring dedicated illustrations and visual components from the overhauled app.

A website with a purple background and a click to pay button.A website with a purple background and a large amount of text.A website that is about website design.
A website with a purple background and a variety of different sections.


Simultaneous with the website revamp, we completely rebranded the existing Trolley app. We designed a new visual style, consistent with the new brand guidelines and compatible with the existing app structure, and prepared over 100 screens for both desktop and mobile versions. We also developed a new design system to streamline the design and future development of product screens.

A screen with a Spotify logo and a payment screen.A screenshot of a computer screen showing a Spotify account.

Design System

A significant part of our work involved building a design system with guidelines for color palette, typography, icons, grids, and component sizing and spacing. Over 100 components in various states and variants were created, reducing development and implementation costs, and streamlining team collaboration.

A color palette with various colors and a button that says secondary.A collection of color swatches and design elements.
A purple screen with a menu of options.A purple screen with a menu of options.


We created a variety of variants and states for common components, ensuring their easy application in any project. This comprehensive approach prevents unintended or undesirable implementations.


Our detailed and comprehensive set of rules and guidelines includes over 100 components to ensure visual and functional consistency throughout the project implementation process.The severity of the rules makes sure the components are implemented properly, in accordance with the visual project.

A pink screen with a blue button that says cancel.A pink screen with a button that says cancel.
A phone screen with a purple app called Troley.A phone screen with a purple app called Trolley.


This comprehensive project involved formulating the new brand, starting with research and moodboard-based art direction, followed by design work where we established the logo, fonts, and key visuals. Using this extensive toolkit, we designed the website UI and app concurrently. The final stage involved creating marketing tools in ongoing collaboration with the client.

Brand Designer
Mateusz Urbańczyk
Product Designer
Rafał Olbromski


5 days

Interviewing the client and extensive research into the product target group. Understanding the challenges and user perspectives. Brainstorming the right solutions.


80 days

Implementing the solutions and ideas for new brand. Designing graphics for both website and app interface simultaneously. Building the design system for use in development.


10 days

Developing the design system and close collaboration with coding department. Quality checking projects being implemented. Designing marketing assets for promotional purposes.

Goals, KPIs, Scoping
Brand Design
UI Design
Design System


Gathered in a Series A funding
Pay to 215+ countries in 135+ currencies
End-to-end 256-bit bank-level security

“Working with Widelab on our rebranding and ongoing design needs has been a pleasure. They're flexible, fast, and their speed in marketing execution is their competitive advantage.”

Vincent Guérin

Trolley VP of Marketing

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