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Minnow, streaming services in one place

Data analysis
A website with a blue background and a movie poster on the left side.A website with a blue background and a picture of a man on the screen.

Streamlining all your streaming in one sleek package, Minnow shines as a massive time-saver for all VoD users and service providers alike.

Build playlists of movies, shows and episodes across all popular streaming services.

A website with a sign up page for Minnow Insights.A website with a sign up page for Mimnow Insights.


With countless shows across multiple platforms, finding what to watch can be daunting. Minnow simplifies this with its ingenious algorithm for streaming playlists and recommendations, learning from users' habits to provide bespoke solutions across all platforms. The development involved creating an effective product and branding for users, and parallelly, Minnow Insights, a data diagnostic service for VoD providers.

Media, Entertainment
Scope of work:
Branding, Product design, Development

The challenge

Minnow balances between the viewer and streaming providers as both a B2C and B2B platform, aiming to meet both user types' needs. The main goal was to design an intuitive interface familiar to average VoD users while handling massive data complexities vital for providers. The result is a flexible, adaptable interface, easy to navigate for inexperienced users. Whether a viewer or a provider, all users can comfortably enjoy the platform.

A website with a screen shot of a website showing a welcome message.A screen with a blue background and a graph showing the number of users.


Providing a bird's-eye view of all the data the user decides to subscribe to, the Dashboard served as a clear, concise and tailor-made heart of the whole operation.

Combining neat, uncluttered design with building-blocks-functionality of the widgets, the Dashboard has been constructed with maximum performance, minimum confusion in mind. Seeing things at a glance has never been simpler.

A screenshot of a website with a blue background and white text.A screen with a blue background and a button that says "Add New Widget".


Widgets are the core of Minnow Insights, presenting complex data simply and directly. They offer broad possibilities, from viewership figures and trending shows on any platform to more detailed data like age range, gender, and ethnicity of viewers. Adding a new Widget to the Dashboard is a straightforward process, ensuring an intuitive experience for all users.

A collection of graphs and charts showing the growth of a website.A website with a list of movies and books.

Saved lists

Minnow's standout feature is its 'Saved lists', enabling users to build playlists across all streaming services for a unified VoD experience. Besides its algorithm learning user behavior, Minnow also offers playlists curated by global film critics for immediate viewing. This innovation reduces browsing time and enhances viewing.

A website with a list of Marvel movies.A website page with a list of Marvel movies.
A blue button that says create a list.A blue button that says create a list.
A screen shot of a movie search page with the title Blade Runner 2049.A screenshot of a website with a search bar and a list of movies.


Minnow provides impartial metrics for both subscription and ad-based VoD platforms, crucial for media owners, advertisers, and financial services. It cross-references viewership data and ratings, offering a breakdown of a show's performance across platforms. This data can be conveniently exported into well-crafted reports.

A website with a list of movies and TV shows.A website page with a list of movies and a purple button.
A website with a green book and a movie poster.A website with two screens showing the same content.


Minnow Insights enables comparison of all streaming platforms for popularity, subscriber growth or loss. With 'Platforms', all such queries are answered.

A website with a comparison of different platforms.A website page with a platform growth comparison.
A chart showing the number of people who have watched a video on Amazon Prime.A graphic of a pie chart with a number of different categories.

Design system

Consistency was crucial in Minnow's design. Our bespoke design system ensures future additions align with the existing style, from color palette to typography, icons, grids, and component sizes. This system guarantees uniform design throughout the product.

A website with a variety of color options and a blue background.A website with a color palette and a list of colors.
A screen with a text box that says "text" in blue.A screen with a text box that says "text" on it.


We have designed a broad range of variants for the most common and frequently used elements, making it seamless to incorporate in any project, regardless of the situation.The number and scope of the variants is a fool-proof way to ensure none of the components are ever used out of their desired context.


Nothing is left to chance when it comes to our guidelines. By setting a standardized size for each and every one of the UI's spacing, we ensure that every single element of the UI looks and works like clockwork. No fail.

A purple screen with a man's face on it.A screen with a text box that says "text" on it.


Managing a large project like this required a disciplined three-phase workflow, ensuring clear goal-setting and client communication to prevent misunderstandings. Our team efficiently navigated from user research, client interviews, design steps, to coding.

Brand Designer
Mateusz Urbańczyk
UX Designer
Łukasz Pachytel
Product Designer
Rafał Olbromski
Product Management
Krystian Słowiński


5 days

Research, research, research. User groups, client interviews, identifying challenges, issues and user perspectives. Drawing out the scope of work. Brainstorming ideas and solutions.


80 days

Exploring a variety of design solutions and ideas. Creating an MVP for both desktop and mobile. Working on design and design system towards the end of phase.


10 days

Finishing up the design system, collaborating with the coding department. Quality checks, test runs, coming up with marketing assets.

Goals, KPIs, Scoping
First Explorations
MVP Desktop & Mobile
Final Designs
Design System


Total Funding Amount
Founded Date
Number of Investors

“The team was doing an excellent job in all areas: UX, UI and Brand Design on this project. It's not easy and they crushed it.”

William Wickey

Head of Growth

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