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Traba, marketplace for workers

Three smartphones are displayed with a purple background.Three cell phones with a purple app on the screen.

Traba connects you to vetted and proven workers with open shifts at warehouses, distribution centers, and event venues.

Local light-industrial workers are a few taps away.

A website with a purple background and a blue button that says "create".A website with a purple background and a welcome back message.


Traba is a pioneering platform in the light-industrial staffing sector, connecting businesses with thoroughly vetted, experienced workers for their specific needs. Specializing in staffing for warehouses, distribution centers, and event venues, Traba revolutionizes the temp-staffing model by offering flexible, reliable, and high-quality labor, exactly when and where it's needed. Through innovative solutions, Traba ensures businesses can thrive, filling 98% of requested shifts with top-rated, proven workers.

Scope of work:
Product design

The challenge

In our latest project, Widelab has reimagined the user interface for Traba, an innovative light-industrial staffing platform. We streamlined the process of connecting businesses with vetted, experienced workers, enhancing both transparency and user control. Explore this case study to see how Widelab's design solutions have elevated Traba's service, providing a transformative experience in the temp-staffing industry.

A website page with a blue background and a clickable number 420.A website page with a red logo and a white background.

Business App

The Business App provides convenient tools for potential employers to manage their workforce and work schedules. With the Business App, employers can create new roles and assign them to the shift. They can also create shifts of varying time dimensions, from single days to longer periods. The Business App allows for the editing of existing shifts, providing flexibility in scheduling work.

A list of people with their names and times.A white screen with a clock and a list of names.


Employers also have the ability to monitor employee statistics, enabling better human resource management. The application allows for account management, adding new supervisors, and creating favorite employee groups, streamlining the team management process.

A website with a tab that says "invocie 1293" on it.A website with a blue background and white text displaying a list of invoices.
A table with a blue background and white text that says "estimated total cost" on it.A white paper with blue text that says Estimated Total Cost.
A woman named Eleanor is a supervisor.A woman's LinkedIn profile with a green button.


The Business App enables the viewing of generated invoices, facilitating employee reimbursements. With this tool, employers have full control over their workforce, work schedules, and human resource management processes.

A smartphone app with a purple background and a time clock.A smartphone app with a purple background and a clock on the screen.
A phone app with a screen that says explore.A phone app with a purple button that says "Accept".
A blue screen with a training shirt on it.A blue screen with a $1.00 price tag on it.
A purple circle with a white number 24 on it.A purple circle with a clock inside of it.

Worker App

We have designed the Worker App with the aim of providing flexibility for users in choosing their work and schedule. Through an intuitive interface, users can browse available shifts provided by different employers. They can sign up for shifts of interest and receive notifications for upcoming dates.

Once signed up for a shift, users have access to tools for tracking their working hours. They can monitor the duration of the current shift, enabling accurate measurement of worked hours and work efficiency.

The Worker App provides a convenient way to manage work schedules, offering users an easy process for shift search, sign-up, notifications for upcoming shifts, and the ability to track working hours.

Design system

Consistency was crucial in Traba’s design. Our bespoke design system ensures future additions align with the existing style, from color palette to typography, icons, grids, and component sizes. This system guarantees uniform design throughout the product.

A collection of icons and text with a blue background.A collection of four different screenshots of a website.
A screenshot of a computer screen with a menu for Traba.A computer screen with a menu of options including Traba.


For the most typical and most frequently repeated components we created a range of variants and states, allowing for their quick and easy aplication to any project, no matter the context.


Our detailed and comprehensive set of rules and guidelines includes over 100 components to ensure visual and functional consistency throughout the project implementation process.

A purple screen with a credit card application.A purple screen with a credit card application.


The initial stages placed the focus on inventing – or creating - the client's brand, starting with research and determining the art. This stage also involved extensive research into the client’s field, some of which meant gathering large amounts of data. This was followed by the design phase, during which the logo, typography, and key visuals were agreed on. With these materials in hand, we then worked on the user interface for the website and the design of the app. Finally, we collaborated with the client on ongoing marketing efforts.

Product Designer
Daniel Prokopiuk
Product Management
Krystian Słowiński


5 days

Research, research, research. User groups, client interviews, identifying challenges, issues and user perspectives. Drawing out the scope of work. Brainstorming ideas and solutions.


80 days

Exploring a variety of design solutions and ideas. Creating an MVP for both desktop and mobile. Working on design and design system towards the end of phase.


10 days

Finishing up the design system, collaborating with the coding department. Quality checks, test runs, coming up with marketing assets.

Goals, KPIs, Scoping
First Explorations
MVP Desktop & Mobile
Final Designs
Design System


$23,6 M
Raised in a Series D funding (over $1 billion in total)
6 months
From 0 to 3,000 workers on platform

“The team was doing an excellent job in all areas: UX, UI and Brand Design on this project. It's not easy and they crushed it.”

William Wickey

Head of Growth

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